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Founded by Tamara Ashworth and based in New York City, Ashworth Strategy is a Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultancy. Ashworth Strategy's mission is to improve the success rate of companies and new innovative products globally. We do this by discovering the best proportion of cost versus benefit for your Marketing spend, so that you can place your bets on the areas that maximize returns, while always putting the customer at the center of the equation. 

Since 2008, Tamara has developed extensive Marketing experience within a broad range of industries, including Skincare, Consumer Product Goods, Pharmaceutical, and Tech. Tamara has lead numerous New Product Development projects globally, valued in the tens of millions of USD. Most recently, Tamara successfully developed the marketing, business and brand strategy for a New York City based startup, leading to increased Venture Capital funding. Tamara Ashworth also has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. Originally from the Manhattan, Tamara has lived and worked in Stockholm and The Netherlands.  

Tamara and her company were featured in the Entrepreneur.com article on Today's Top Entrepreneurial Mindsets.

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Martin Liljeblad - Partner and investor

Martin brings over 10 years of banking experience and a unique perspective as an avid investor in startup companies.  Being on the investor side of the equation, Martin is able to provide the Finance expertise necessary to successfully attain funding. Originally from Stockholm and currently residing in New York City, Martin has held senior positions at major banks, such as UBS, Nordea and MUFG (the 5th largest bank in the world). 

Combined with both Marketing Strategy and  Investing expertise, Ashworth Strategy bring a unique and valuable perspective to its startup clients with the objectives of securing funding and scaling up to success. 

Martin recently co-authored the widely known Risk-magazine article published in the June, where he examined data breach modeling from the operational risk practitioner angle.