Your eCommerce Marketing Funnel

For companies selling consumer products, having a clear Marketing Funnel is crucial. 

A Marketing Funnel is the journey a customer takes from initial contact with your product and / or company to the final purchasing decision and re-purchasing potential. 

But how do you create this? 

Let’s say one company called Mini Leaf Organics is selling organic Skincare products to Millennial women. They have a wholesale strategy (their products are selling at retailers such as Whole Foods and smaller Natural Food stores), and they want to ramp up their online sales on their website (e-commerce). 

They have 3 marketing channels, organic social media, paid social media advertising and email marketing. Their Marketing Funnel may look like this: 

Top of funnel
Potential customers see a paid ad on social media - or - 
Potential customers see an organic post on social media - or -
Potential customers see an email by Mini Leaf Organics

Middle of funnel
Customer click on the links within the above content which leads them to the product page on their website
Customers scroll through the product page and website and add some products to their cart

Bottom of funnel
Customers go to check out, put in their credit card information and address and pay for the products. 

For example:

Ashworth Strategy Marketing Funnel

This funnel has a clear step-by-step journey that the customer takes from initial Marketing message to final product sale. *as a side note, it typically takes 7 encounters on average to finalize a sale. Therefore, your customers on average may see at least 7 organic posts, paid ads or emails as well as surfing through your website before they actually purchase any products. 

A Marketing Funnel (similarly to a Sales Funnel) is often displayed as an upside-down triangle. The largest number of people will be at the top and not as many will reach the final stage (bottom of funnel), which is the actual purchase of your products. 

At every stage of this process, there will be leaks. However, these are also opportunities for you to fix these leaks and strengthen the conversion numbers from one stage of the funnel to the next. 

Some methods for fixing these leaks and strengthening conversion numbers are retargeting paid advertising, updating your website to increase ease of navigation and lure more customers to stay on the site, emails reminding customers of items left in their carts, emails asking if customers have any questions about the products or need any help, a customer representative reaching out to customers who have signed up but have not yet completed their purchase, any many other methods. 

If you want to learn how to optimize your Marketing Funnel, you can book a free one-on-one Strategy Session with me and we will discuss your business and the best conversion path that will lead to exponential sales in your business. 

Tamara Ashworth at Ashworth Strategy is an Award Winning Marketer, winning First Place in the Procter & Gamble Brand Strategy Competition. Featured in and published in Thrive Global, Tamara comes with 12 years experience of high-level Business, Marketing and Strategy work globally. Tamara has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and has previous experience in Finance. This unique combination allows Tamara to view Marketing as an integrated and Strategic investment that requires maximum return in order to scale a business successfully. After founding Ashworth Strategy, she focuses the business on helping companies who sell Consumer Products scale with the latest and most advanced e-commerce Marketing strategies. 

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