The Little Known Importance of Social Media Marketing

Why is Social Media marketing important for selling consumer products? It's not what you think!

Yes, Social Media Marketing is essential for building a brand for your e-commerce Direct-to-Consumer business. 

But retailers are now demanding a strong Social Media presence as well!

Therefore, if you have a wholesale strategy, it may be at risk if you have little to no Social Media presence!

So then how do you build a strong Social Media presence that will not only work for your e-commerce business model but your wholesaler strategy as well? 

There are many way to do so, some of which include

- Having professional, fresh, updated content and copy that catches your audience and resonates with your potential customers
- Creating a content calendar ahead of time
- Using a Social Media management tool to pre-schedule all Social Media marketing
- Support your growth with paid advertising
- Connect with partners and influencer to grow organically
- Engage and connect with people! Social Media is supposed to be social. 
- Conduct give-aways and contests to motivate engagement
- Make sure to link your product page and your retailer's page and social media accounts on each post

Tamara Ashworth is an Award Winning Marketer, winning First Place in the Procter & Gamble Brand Strategy Competition. Featured in and published in Thrive Global, Tamara comes with 12 years experience of high-level Business, Marketing and Strategy work globally. Tamara has an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and has previous experience in Finance. This unique combination allows Tamara to view Marketing as an integrated and Strategic investment that requires maximum return in order to scale a business successfully. After founding Ashworth Strategy, she focuses the business on helping companies who sell Consumer Products scale with the latest and most advanced e-commerce Marketing strategies.